King's St Alban's

1 March

Flipping Fantastic Annual Pancake Race!

Flipping into the Lenten season, Worcester Cathedral choristers, who attend King’s St Alban’s Prep School and the King’s School Worcester, took part today in the annual Choristers’ Pancake Race. Held in the cloisters of Worcester Cathedral, the event is most certainly a pupil favourite.

Marking Shrove Tuesday, pupils from King’s St Alban’s and King’s Worcester lined the cloisters in support of the Cathedral Choir, ready to cheer them on. Splitting into two teams, one for Decani, led by the Dean, and one for Cantoris, led by the Precentor, the choristers raced through the cloisters with great enthusiasm and determination, supported by several Cathedral team members. This was no ordinary race; participants, dressed in their cassocks, had to negotiate a number of obstacles and focus on a variety of tricky tasks, such as dribbling a football between some cones, balancing a bean bag on their head and passing a hoop over their head, all the time holding a pan with a pancake in it, not forgetting to flip it over at each corner of the cloister.

An energetic way to start the day, the Pancake Race saw staff and pupils supporting the Choristers with enthusiastic, spirited cheering spurring on the teams. Having missed out on this historic event because of the pandemic last year, it was a delight to witness the children filling the stunningly beautiful venue with such a joyously raucous noise, something which is certainly not a daily occurrence in these usually tranquil surroundings.

Each aiming to complete the course in the faster time, both teams displayed tremendous resilience and strength of character, however Decani ended Cantoris’ reign to take the accolade as this year’s champions.

The Worcester Cathedral Choristers are the oldest element King’s Worcester’s long history, forming a strong team of talented boys and girls, aged from seven and ten respectively. Mr Chapman, Headmaster of King’s St Alban’s, commented, “We were delighted to support both our Choristers and Worcester Cathedral for this less formal but much-loved tradition, watching the Choristers working together, laughing and giggling in each other’s company.”