King's Hawford

9 November

Year 2 Think Tank Trip

Excitement was high on Friday as Year 2 departed the school to visit the Thinktank at the Birmingham Science Museum. The visit was to kick start their new topic, ‘Explorers’.
On arrival, the children enjoyed a quick snack before heading for ‘Destination Space’. In the workshop the children learnt about how to be an astronaut and about the wonders of space! The workshop started with a show which offered fantastic insight into what it takes to undertake a space mission. After the show, the children took part in activities that included learning about different roles in space crews, rocket launches, spacesuit materials and daily life for astronauts on the International Space Station.
Next up, the children sat back in their seats ready for the ‘Night Dome Show’. During the second workshop the children learnt about the stars and the different planets in our solar system. The children were spellbound as they embarked on a magical journey through the night sky in the Planetarium.

After lunch Year 2 visited ‘Mini Brum’, a child-sized world that features recognisable landmarks, such as the Birmingham canals and Selfridges. The children had a great time exploring this area. The Science Garden also proved extremely popular, as the children were able to explore themes of engineering, mechanics and transportation.

This was a fantastic day with a group of fantastic children!