King's Hawford

18 March

Year 2’s Marvellous Week

Year 2 have had another fantastic week. The children have thoroughly embraced Sign Language Week and have enjoyed brushing up on their skills. There have been more opportunities for Year 2 pupils to show off their signing skills to the rest of the school. In Monday’s assembly Robyn, George and Elsa helped Mrs Phillips demonstrate a few simple phrases and greetings. The whole class were then put on the spot by Mr Roberts with some quick-fire words for them to sign.

The children are continuing with their Ancient Greece topic, spending time learning about Greek Gods.

In their English lesson this week the children have been looking at their class text ‘How To Train a Dragon‘. The Forest School area was used to great effect on Thursday as the children acted out the journey of a dragon. The children then used the journey / dragon ride to support descriptive writing back in the classroom during their lesson on Friday. Dragon aeroplanes were used to aid the learning experience. Each one had powerful verbs and adjectives written on them.

Science this week took place in the Tepee. The children explored the process of seed germination, using beans.

Down in the art room the children have worked hard crafting some beautiful Mother’s Day cards (shhhh – it’s a secret). All of the children worked studiously to produce some very thoughtful card designs.

In their Games lesson on Friday afternoon the children made the most of the sunshine and enjoyed a circuit of different activities on the courts. There was some impressive dribbling, shooting, bounce-passing and running taking place.

In their German lesson this week the children have been looking at wild animal habitats vocabulary!

Fractions have been the focus in Maths this week. The children have looked at finding halves, thirds and quarters. A highlight for many was using sweets and chocolate as physical resources to support understanding when looking at unit fractions.

Before their Library Bus session on Monday, the children learnt some new signs listening to a story in the classroom.

What a brilliant week Year 2!