King's Worcester

9 October

King’s English – Back to School!

In the King’s English Department, we have started the new academic year with our usual mix of Language and Literature work and, as a subject which thrives, indeed relies on discussion, all the English teachers agree that it’s great to be back in front of classes again. Developing our use of technology further, we have also been teaching a good number of students at home at the same time as in the classroom through the medium of Teams; indeed, two of us have been teaching classes at school from our own homes, which has certainly been a novel experience for everyone involved!

We have welcomed a new member of the department, Mrs Lucas. With her wealth of experience, she is teaching a wide range of classes but has also introduced a new creative writing activity for the Fourth Forms, which has already proved very popular: “Write For Real” meets once a fortnight on Wednesday lunchtimes and we are very much looking forward to seeing their first pieces published.

Although COVID restrictions meant that many of our popular poetry outreach activities could not take place this year, nevertheless we celebrated National Poetry Day on October 1st with a range of poetry reading and writing activities in class and such activities will continue through the year.

We always enjoy close links with the Library and Ms Jeffery has visited our Lower Fourth classes for their Library Induction as well as supporting our Upper Sixth Formers in their individual coursework research. It has also been wonderful to see the way in which the new Lower Sixth formers have taken to their studies of A level English Literature with real relish and enthusiasm and their future looks bright indeed.

“Before I joined King’s I was not a fan of my English lessons but when I got here the enthusiasm of the staff and their passion for the subject really drew me to it…Here they made it exciting and you could tell that everyone loved teaching English…If they could turn me into an English fan they must be doing something right!” – Ella Fidlin, A level English student

“The best thing about studying English…is the creativity it allows through discussions and expressing your own ideas.”- Jamie Reid, A level English student