From September 2022 the termly fee for the Senior School (boys and girls aged 11 to 18) is £5,309 per term. 

The fee includes all textbooks, learning skills support and most co-curricular clubs and activities, except where there is an additional charge from an external provider e.g. public examinations. We also offer a reduction in fees when three or more siblings are pupils at the school together.

Music tuition fees

  • Termly: £195 per term for 10 lessons
  • Hire of instrument: £35 per term

Pupils’ personal accident insurance scheme (optional)

The premium is £5 per term.

Pupils’ sickness absence insurance scheme (optional)

Under the school’s terms and conditions, there is no waiver of fees for pupil absence. However, the school offers an insurance scheme that makes available fee refunds if pupils are absent from school for five or more days due to illness or accident. The premium for the insurance is 0.63% of the net termly tuition fee. Further details and a participation reply slip may be downloaded here.

Allianz 2020 Refund Scheme

Payment of fees

Fees are charged in advance and, if paid termly, are due on or before the first day of term. Alternatively, fees may, by arrangement, be paid either in monthly instalments by direct debit or by depositing lump sums in advance.

In cases of late payment, the Governors reserve the right to make a surcharge, composed of simple interest calculated at a rate of one percent of the outstanding balance per month.

School lunch fees

All pupils are assumed to be having school lunches and will be billed accordingly, termly in advance unless the school receives written notice to the contrary before the start of term. Our healthy menus offer a wide choice of options catering for a range of tastes and special diets. The fees for lunch are:

  • Years 7 to 8: £246 per term
  • Years 9 to 13: £267 per term

Pupils can purchase hot snacks, pastries, and drinks at our mid-morning break service in the Dining Hall. Breakfast is also available before school.

Sibling discount

A reduction in fees (ten percent for a third child, and fifteen percent for a fourth child) is available when three or more siblings are pupils at the school together.

Financial assistance (bursaries)

We offer a number of bursaries annually including full bursaries at the Senior School and, very occasionally, at the Junior Schools. Bursaries are means-tested. Bursaries can also be offered to pupils who might otherwise leave the school because of financial hardship. Find out more in our Scholarship and Bursaries section.