The curriculum at King’s Sixth Form is modern and progressive and offers a broad academic (A levels) and advanced skills programme (KSW Electives) to prepare students for the world beyond King’s with an emphasis on further education and future employability. We are confident that our students will stand out from the crowd in their university, apprenticeship and employment applications. 

We achieve exceptional academic results by providing an environment where every student can reach their full potential. Our students enjoy the academic challenge of their subjects and are supported throughout their time at King’s to enable them to achieve their goals. Whether through exceptional teaching in small classes, or providing one-to-one support, the staff at King’s are all willing to go the extra mile to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed.


In the Sixth Form at King’s our Curriculum is made up of three areas:

1. A levels

  • All students choose three A levels from one of 24 A Level courses.
  • Students may study Further Maths as a fourth and, in exceptional cases, students may choose four separate qualifications.

A level Subjects

A level Subject Guide

2. KSW Electives

The courses have been designed to offer enrichment and challenge, to widen your horizons and prepare you for life beyond school. Alongside this, all these courses will also lead to the awarding of additional qualifications which enhance employability and many provide invaluable additional UCAS points.

All students will choose a single course from the programme in addition to their A levels.

KSW Electives Sixth Form KSW Electives Sixth Form

KSW Electives Guide



3. Life Skills Programme

Over-and-above the core curriculum, we’ve put together a life skills programme for Sixth Form students which is designed to ensure that students are fully equipped with practical independent skills that prepare them for further education, life opportunities, experiences, and the world of work.

Students take six modules, each for two periods a week and lasting half a term each. Pupils select from courses such as Careers, Personal Finance, Car Maintenance, Cookery, DIY and Study Skills and Techniques.

These Life Skills modules complement our existing Personal Social (PSHE) programme which all students take including modules on mental health, alcohol, e-safety and sex education.





The academic experience the School provides is second to none, due to the unwavering enthusiasm and passion of the teachers. The staff here at Kings’ ensure that every student is supported in reaching their full academic potential, and take a sincere interest in encouraging hard work and ambition.

Katie P

Head of School 22/23