At King’s Worcester, we passionately believe that talent, commitment and good character should always be recognised and rewarded. We are therefore delighted to offer Sports, Music and Academic scholarships, All-Rounder Awards, Sports Skills Awards and Bursaries to all new pupils. 


Awards and Scholarships Available by Entry Point

Scholarships and Bursaries

Academic Scholarships

At King’s we recognise and reward outstanding performance through the provision of scholarship awards.

The school offers academic scholarships to new entrants at our main joining points of 11+, 13+ and 16+ (Year 7, Year 9 and Year 12).

An academic scholarship is an award made to a child who shows a high level of academic attainment and intellectual curiosity in our entrance examinations.

Sixth Form Curriculum

Music Scholarships

Music is a significant part of life at King’s and the scope for musical involvement is vast. Those pupils who have a musical flair and passion could be eligible for music scholarships

The school offers music scholarships to new entrants at our main joining points of 11+, 13+ and 16+ (Year 7, Year 9 and Year 12).

Music scholarship assessment takes the form of an instrument or vocal performance of two contrasting pieces of music. If a second instrument is offered (which is by no means mandatory), one piece of music is required for each instrument.

It is expected that the candidate will be at the AB/TCL standard below on his or her chosen instrument.

11+ Grade 4

13+ Grade 5

16+ Grade 7 (Grade 5 for the second instrument)


All-Rounder Awards

We often have pupils who are exceptionally talented yet fall outside the remit of our Academic, Music and Sports Scholarships. We recognise the abilities and potential of these pupils by offering All-Rounder Awards.

These awards will be made to enthusiastic contributors who will make a difference to the school across a range of disciplines, including drama, dance and art.

All-Rounder Awards are available for new entry candidates at 11+, 13+ and 16+. These awards provide a remission on fees and are offered at the discretion of the Headmaster.

Sports Scholarships & Award

King’s Worcester is synonymous with sporting excellence and our elite athletes play an important part in ensuring our continued success.

We offer two types of awards that recognise and reward sporting excellence – Sports Skills Award (11+) and Sports Scholarships (13+ and 16+).

Sports Skills Awards

Our Sports Skills Award recognises the skills, ability and commitment of Year 7 to Year 9 pupils to a specific sport. Pupils will have performed at a high level in two major sports and are likely to have attained representative honours beyond school.

Sports Scholarships

Sports Scholarships will be awarded to those who demonstrate the ability to progress and achieve high levels of success within their chosen sport. Pupils should already be playing at or have the potential to reach county, regional or national level.

Assessments for Sports Skills Awards and Sports Scholarships

Applications for 11+ Sports Skills Awards are by personal statement and reference provided in January.

Assessments for 13+ and 16+ Sports Scholarships will be by invitation. Pupils will be invited to a sports assessment morning.


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Key dates for September 2023 entry

  • Open Mornings: 24th September 2022, 21st January 2023 (General) and 19th November 2023 (Sixth Form)
  • Registration closing date: Tuesday 24th  January 2023
  • Scholarships and bursaries application deadline: Tuesday 24th  January 2023
  • Music scholarship auditions:  Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd January 2023
  • 16+ Entrance Testing: 26th and 27th January 2023

For all enquiries, please call our Registrar, Vickie Peckston on 01905 721742 or email 

New Entrant Bursaries

Bursaries at King’s are means-tested awards made to qualifying households to help ensure that there is no financial barrier to prevent academically able children from being educated at the school.

In order to consider all new bursary requests consistently, applications should be made between November and early January for a bursary for those testing for entrance. During the application process parents of registered candidates will be asked, by the Registrar, to indicate if they wish this form to be sent to them.

After entrance testing has taken place, if an application has been successful, we should be in a position to indicate the level of bursarial award with offer letters, though it may be possible that further information or clarification is requested.

Further Scholarship Information

Further Scholarship Information

The school follows the agreed policy and practice of the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC) in the award of scholarships. In brief, our scholarship policy is as follows:

  • No scholarship award shall exceed one third of fees in value.
  • Scholarship awards only bring a discount in fees if awarded at the point of a pupil joining the school. Some scholarships are awarded during a pupil’s time at the school. Such scholarships are purely honorary. They are, in some cases, marked with book tokens.
  • Occasionally, a pupil will be awarded a joint Academic and Music Scholarship. No pupil may hold combined scholarship awards worth more than a total of one third of fees.
  • In cases of proven need, the value of scholarships may be augmented from the Bursary Fund; all such grants are means-tested.
  • The only types of scholarship normally awarded are academic, music (at 11+/13+ and 16+) and sports at (13+ and 16+). However, subject to the Headmaster’s discretion, a candidate for the Sixth Form who combines good academic capability with sporting ability, leadership aptitude, or other skills, may be considered for a Leadership Award. Awards for talent in sports at 11+ may be recognised by the Headmaster in the form of a Sports Skills Award, in addition Arts All-Rounder Awards can be conferred at 11+/13+ and 16+.
  • Awards are only retained by a pupil as long as their progress remains satisfactory.

Further details are included in the Terms and Conditions.

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