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King’s Worcester Senior & Sixth Form Open Morning

Join us at our Senior & Sixth Form Open Morning on Saturday 13th January 2024

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Talk Education:

King’s Worcester is an upbeat, modern school with a storied history reaching back to the 7th century, It has a uniqueness that not only stems from its historic location at the heart of the city’s cathedral, but also from the caring atmosphere shaped by centuries of Christianity. There is an amazing feeling of compassion at this centuries-old school. Yes, results are good, facilities are fantastic, opportunities are plenty and the location is jaw-dropping, but what really shines out are the confident pupils: happy, curious and thriving in a nurturing, family environment.

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‘King’s Worcester is a highly regarded yet down-to-earth cathedral school that can’t fail to charm, at the same time as being a go-to school for ambitious parents. For us, it’s the warmth that is its USP. This is a school that wears its heart on its sleeve and is all the better for it. ‘Couldn’t be more caring if they tried.’

 ‘Pupils are unpretentious and amiable, at ease in adult company and with an air of feeling comfortable with themselves and the world. Many parents told us it was the demeanour of the senior pupils that had clinched their decision to send their offspring to King’s.’ 

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