King's Worcester

25 September

Classics at King’s: an insight into the first few weeks

“I chose Classics because I was interested in mythology and knew a lot about the Greeks, Romans and a little bit about the Egyptians. I also liked looking at ancient civilisations especially their tactics, weaponry and armour as it tells us a lot and because I am a fencer and I like to see how military tactics and weaponry has evolved. So far in Classics, we have been learning about the Mycenaeans. I have understood a lot about them so far and I am finding lessons interesting. We have looked at an introduction to armour, the wanax (ruler), palaces, funerary artefacts and a range of other interesting things.” (William Allardice, new Lower Remove)

The rich opportunities that studying a classical subject equips our children with an insight into the world around them, encouraging problem-solving skills and flexibility in a challenging climate.

Mrs Bradley

Head of Classics

Classical Reception – Art by LR Ellie Harle

LR Latinists make replica sistra, (rattles shaken in the worship of the Egyptian goddess Isis), as part of their studies of the cultures and humanity of different groups of people living under the Roman empire.

The LR year in Classical Civilisation allows us to create a bespoke course in which we aim to develop pupils’ skills and ways of thinking in preparation for GCSE if they choose it as an option. One group this year is studying the Mycenaean civilisation, together with reading an abridged version of The Iliad. The other group is studying Roman history, focusing on key individuals from the Monarchy, Republic and Empire. They are exploring poetry, coins and statues to investigate the lives of the Ancient Romans.

William Allardice

Lower Remove