King's Worcester

12 May

Geographers back to Fieldwork

This week our L6th Geographers had a busy two days of fieldwork. The human and physical sections were split across two separate days. It is fantastic our students are able to carry out fieldwork tasks again and apply the theory they have learned in lessons out into the real world.

On Monday the focus was on human geography. The students were tasked with investigating place making in Worcester, visiting Diglis and the High Street areas. After a briefing at school, the L6th students carried out a range of fieldwork methods in small groups. Students used their phones to geolocate their survey points and upload results to ArcGIS, a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for analysis.

The following day the focus was on physical geography. The geographers travelled to the Lickey Hills to investigate infiltration and carbon storage. Despite the challenging weather, all the students worked effectively in their groups gathering important data to study back in the classroom.

“We investigated the water and carbon cycles, by looking at flows and stores within the two systems. When examining the carbon cycle, we identified tree species and measured the circumference and height of trees to work out how much carbon was stored within them. When looking at the water cycle, we measured infiltration rates and did some slope profiling to investigate surface run off rates and the permeability of the ground. We learnt how to use lots of new equipment including a clinometer, which we used to work out the height of the tree using Pythagoras’ Theorem. The last opportunity we had to do geography fieldwork was on the Alps trip, so it was great to get back in the field again!” Izzy, L6th Geography student.

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