King's Worcester

14 June

King’s to be part of the Intermediate Certificate in Classical Greek Pilot

We are excited to announce that King’s has been chosen to be a part of the brand-new ICCG (Intermediate Certificate in Classical Greek) pilot.

A total of 68 schools applied to pilot this new qualification and King’s Worcester are one of the chosen group of 20 diverse schools. We are very excited to now be able to offer this to our pupils.

This is a very exciting opportunity. There aren’t many schools that offer Greek and, for those that do, it is often on a limited basis. This new scheme allows learners across the country to have dedicated teaching time in order to study the language and receive a qualification.

Ancient Greek is a fascinating subject and one which provides not only an academic challenge for pupils, but it also develops problem-solving skills and encourages a wider appreciation for language and history. Plus, it’s really fun! Along with Latin, studying Ancient Greek is exciting for pupils as they are able to see how the language has formed the basis for the vocabulary of the sciences, law, technology, music, medicine and many most aspects of our lives.

Our aim is to offer this opportunity to all interested pupils, not just those currently studying Latin. With that in mind from September 2021, the Classics Department will be offering two clubs – Junior Greek and Senior Greek.

Miss Trow-Poole, who will be overseeing the clubs from September said “There has already been a lot of interest from my classes alone so I think the pupils will look forward to this new and exciting opportunity. Together we’ll study the alphabet, constructs of the language, etymology of our language and what made the Ancient Greeks so fascinating.  I think this is a fantastic addition not only to the Classics department but to the school as well. It will certainly set us apart from other schools in the area. Indeed, we are unusual in that our school motto is in Greek!”

These will be a fantastic addition to our Co-Curricular offering here at King’s and we hope to see lots of pupils signing up for the clubs in September.