Joining King’s Worcester is an exciting time and a fresh start for many pupils. We aspire to challenge, inspire, and help support pupils through these crucial years of their lives and, most importantly, to ensure that they make the most of every day and to enjoy the next chapter of their education.

At King’s Worcester, our focus is on the individual pupil, on his or her personal development; crucial to this is the highly supportive pastoral care we offer and a community which is kind, warm, and friendly. We pride ourselves on providing stimulating and inspirational teaching in a culture that encourages, celebrates, and nurtures. King’s Worcester is an environment that fosters a love of learning and commitment to be the best possible version of oneself.

We emphasise to pupils the importance of working hard and balancing that with their passions beyond the classroom. You’ll see that we offer a wealth of stimulating and exciting co-curricular opportunities which will help develop confidence, resilience, and teamwork. As the world changes, we highlight the importance of creativity, analytical thinking, innovation, emotional intelligence and – most significantly – leadership. The celebration and encouragement of sport, the dramatic arts, music, debating, and other co-curricular opportunities, cement these essential skills.

Whilst our website gives you a brief insight into our Senior School, please do come and see us, experience the King’s Warmth and discover all that we have to offer. I would be delighted to meet you.

Gareth Doodes


The leadership team encourages teachers to engage with other outstanding schools and to model the excitement of the intellectual life.

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Gareth Doodes Announced as Headmaster (Full width Image)

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