King's Worcester

21 May

Lower Remove Physicists beat 50 teams to win the ‘Physics Big Quiz’.

On Friday, May 21st sixteen students from the Lower Remove took part in the annual ‘Physics Big Quiz’ competition.

Normally, this event is run in January and involves a day out of school at Birmingham University. However, due to COVID restrictions, the University still were able to organise it and ran it virtually using a combination of Zoom and Kahoot.

The quiz also featured a very interesting lecture from Professor Mark Dennis, who is a Professor of Theoretical Physics, which enabled students to understand all about the polarisation of light and why the sky appears blue. All four teams were really enthused and engaged by the experience, answering questions on ‘Electricity and Waves’, ‘Mechanics’, ‘Pressure & Temperature’, and the specialist round on ‘Medical Physics’. Teams also competed in rounds where they had to identify famous scientists from their descriptions.

It was fantastic that, out of the four teams that participated, Team 3 consisting of George A, Rosa J, Emily A and Caitlin C came runners up

Team 3: George A, Rosa J, Emily A and Caitlin C

and Team 4 consisting of Sam T-E, Connor Y, James C and Joseph J were overall winners out of fifty participating teams!

Winning Team 4: Sam T-E, Connor Y, James C and Joseph J 

Credit should be given to both of these teams who throughout the whole quiz remained in podium positions all the way through.

We thank Birmingham University for organising this event virtually, as these remote events can definitely be more stressful to organise! We hope that we will be able to return to the campus next year with four new teams.