King's Worcester

13 May

King’s Pupils excel at Worcester Competitive Arts Festival

For the first time in their 70-year history, The Worcester Competitive Arts Festival took place online this year and here at King’s we had about 15 pupils take part in various classes and many achieved particularly successful results in this year’s competition.

Lower Sixth pupil Amelia D (K) was awarded the Arts Trophy Prize for Music from the Worcester Competitive Arts Festival which is a high achievement award given for the promise she shows in musical theatre.

Worcester Competitive Art festival said, “Amelia is to be congratulated on receiving the arts trophy in music awarded for high achievement in musical appearances”.

Mim is no stranger to the stage at King’s and performed in numerous shows at King’s Hawford. In the Senior School she has played leading roles in The Sound of Music, Joseph, Return to the Forbidden Planet and, most recently, Made in Dagenham.

Mim says ‘After doing the Worcester Competitive Arts Festival for many years I was delighted to be presented with this award for music.  It was completely unexpected and really highlighted the hard work I’d put in especially during this year’s various lockdowns’.

You can see Mim’s Gold performance of Someone like you from Jekyll and Hyde for her entry into the Advanced Musical Theatre acted song solo here (31.50 mark).

Mim has been competing in this festival for seven years and is one of many King’s pupils who have achieved considerable success in numerous categories.


Rosie B (U4F) won Gold with Distinction for her Rock and Pop Vocal Class, for her String Solo and for her Piano Solo at this year’s festival.

Rosie said “I was thrilled to receive gold in each category, especially as I couldn’t see anyone else’s performance because it was a virtual festival this year, so it was a real surprise!”




Molly B (L4C) won Bronze with Distinction for the Intermediate Musical Theatre Acted Song Solo Class and also won The Shakespeare Solo (for 12 years and under), receiving Gold Highly Commended for her outstanding performance.

You can view Molly’s performance of Different from Honk here (15.30 mark)

Congratulations to all our talented music pupils who achieved particularly successful results in this year’s competition.