King's Worcester

2 December

Sibling Success at the Fencing Youth Series

Siblings Will and Grace A have competed in the final instalment of this year’s Fencing Youth Series.

Grace performed impressively, achieving third in the U12 girls’ sector of the competition as well as finishing third in the overall series. She was poised for success going into the competition as she knew she was on the right side of the pool, which would enable her to compete strongly. Grace was awarded a bronze for her overall performance in the U12 girls’ foil.

Will competed in the U14 boys’ sector, making the decision to compete only in foil, as the timing between the foil and sabre competitions was not compatible.

Will had to adjust to a size 3 foil rather than the usual size 5, as in this competition U14s had to wield the size normally used with U17s and clubs. The second round of his pool improved after he adjusted to the correct distance during the break between rounds.

After the second pool, Will was set up to compete against a friend of his who was the competitor who knocked him out of the competition in the Foil Youth Series last year. Having already lost to him in the first pool, he knew he had nothing to lose. After the first set of two minutes, Will was up 3-1, having executed some successful counterattacks. Going into the second set,  Will was focussed on keeping doing what he was doing and he maintained the lead, going into the final set 7-6 up.

Will was able to win the contest 11-8, creating another upset in the Youth Series. This meant Will progressed through to the semi-finals, and even though he then lost, he made the fight incredibly entertaining for all who watched, adding in a jump, a few duck hits and flicks.

Overall, Will came away from this competition in third place, although he did not receive a medal for foil, as he only competed in 2 out of 4 Youth Series Competitions. Much to his surprise, he did achieve a medal for sabre, after winning silver in the only Sabre Youth Series in which he competed, coming away third overall in the U14 competition.

From this experience at the Fencing Youth Series, Will has learnt, “Even if you don’t have the perfect start, you never know what will happen. Never write yourself off, always carry a little optimism and give everything a shot. But never overestimate your abilities and underestimate your opponent, because you never know what will happen.”

Just this weekend both Will and Grace have been selected to represent the West Midlands in a team competition called the Cadet Winton.

Regions across Great Britain are asked to select their top four fencers aged 18 or under per weapon to compete in a men’s and women’s team respectively.

Selection for the West Midlands Region is based on the 2021 GB rankings, so it is fantastic that their performance has translated to this selection.

The foil competition will take place at Millfield School on Saturday 18 December and we wish them the best of luck.