King's Worcester

20 January

Sixth Form Physicists success in British Physics Olympiad

Last month seven Upper Sixth students took part in the British Physics Olympiad successfully achieving Bronze Certificated and Commendations.

The British Physics Olympiad encourages the study of Physics and recognises excellence in young physicists through annual physics competitions. Our students took part in the first round of the competitions where they were required to answer a set of short answer questions and several long thematic questions, requiring students to solve and analyse data.

British Physics Olympiad

Alfie P, Ben H and Jamie H all managed to achieve Bronze award certificates while everyone else was given a commendation. Receiving a bronze certificate is a massive achievement. 1,606 students from 270 school participated from the UK and some school overseas, including 2,000 students in China.

Out of the UK entrants, only 271 students received the bronze certificate; this is an excellent achievement from our three Physicists, well done!

Physics provides students with many useful skills such as thinking logically, analysing and solving complex problems and analysing data. Many of our students go on to study: Veterinary Science, Engineering, Medicine/Dentistry, Physics/Astrophysics.

King’s Physics is a well-resourced department where experimental work is a vital part of learning. This is a great strength of our Physics department due to our well-equipped laboratories and enthusiastic staff. Students are able to gauge a true understanding through their access to experiments and resources.

Congratulations to all our Sixth Form Physicists who took part and did so well in round one of the British Physics Olympiad.

Here’s Alfie P, Ben H and Jamie H virtually celebrating their success.