Foundation News

26 April

Student Leadership Spotlight – Sophie Lloyd

“There is a well-known African proverb, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’. Never has a statement been more apt than this for my education at King’s.

My academic teachers, the many staff who have enriched my experience, my family, other pupils and the music staff at Worcester Cathedral have all played their part in raising me to where I am today.

“I am a Forces child, which meant I moved schools every two years before starting at King’s. So, from the start of the Fourth Form, I followed the example that older pupils set, and threw myself into every opportunity that came my way. I am part of a large team whose common purpose is the future success of The King’s School, Worcester and its pupils. I’m friendly, extrovert and inclusive towards younger pupils, particularly within the leadership team of Chappel House, and I remain in touch with many OVs who share my interests.

“As a Cadet Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCO), I have enjoyed being in charge of CCF recruits, motivating them to get involved, listen, learn and have fun. When I leave King’s, I hope to leave a legacy of strong support for the RAF section and the Contingent as a whole. We have competed in National competitions; we have flown, been gliding and enjoyed many trips away.

“Being chosen as Head Girl Chorister at Worcester Cathedral and gaining my ARSM Singing Diploma are my proudest achievements. I hope that I have passed on my love of choral music to the younger girl choristers as they develop musical confidence and teamwork and I know that they will continue to have fun supporting the Three Choirs Festival and services in Worcester Cathedral.

Student Leadership Spotlight – Sophie Lloyd

“I have great admiration for my super-talented peers who make beautiful music in our wonderful school setting, and they have tolerated my contributions on the French Horn with patient humour as I occasionally play the correct notes in the right order. The Cleobury concerts are simply stunning to attend and Nicholas Cleobury’s wise words of advice pushed me out of my comfort zone to sing solo performances without my music. I have loved bringing my friends to perform at the Open Mic Nights. Our School Music Tour to Malta was a triumph, with us performing on National TV, but the sublime sound of our Chamber Choir recording of Schedrik in support of the Ukrainian Refugee crisis gained thousands of views online and it was an honour to lead this important piece.

“I have recently received five offers to study for a Master’s Degree in Pharmacy. The many and varied opportunities for leadership in school have helped me make confident and considered decisions and present myself well at the interviews. I am looking forward to caring for people, helping them to improve their lives and being part of the developing role of pharmacy in society. I am hopefully going to Cardiff University, and I have an audition for the BBC Chorus and also for the National Youth Choir, so singing will always be part of my life.

“So, house competitions, theatre roles as carnivorous plants, roller-skating aliens and bearded men, the sports-day shot-put and relay entries, cake-sale baking, quizzes, foreign exchanges and drama productions were all hugely valuable experiences, and not in vain even when I wasn’t successful. To my younger peers I would say, embrace the opportunities, have a go; it might be fun, and you’ll gain long-lasting friendships and memories. How would I have found success and my passion without all of the confidence and opportunities that the King’s community has given me?”

Sophie Lloyd – Upper Sixth

There are many leadership opportunities available to our Sixth Formers, especially our Upper Sixth. Monitors, Heads of House, Captains and Scholars all have a vital role to play within our school community.