King's Worcester

7 October

Medals awarded to Girl Choristers

On Saturday 3rd October medals were awarded to members of Worcester Cathedral Girls’ Choir during Choral Evensong at the Cathedral. Ella H-M has been appointed as Head Chorister together with OV Joni F as the Deputy Head Chorister. Sophie L was awarded the Friends of Worcester Cathedral Medal.

Whilst all the boy choristers are educated at King’s, membership of the Girls’ Choir comes from a variety of local schools. For many years now approximately half of the choir has been comprised of pupils from King’s. As Head Chorister, Ella is following in the footsteps of many U6th pupils who have been awarded this honour. Her role is similar to that of a Head Prefect; taking a lead in all aspect of the choir’s duties.

Simon Taranczuk, Director of Music said, ‘There are many limitations to music-making during the pandemic and therefore it was a great pleasure to attend Choral Evensong on Saturday to hear the Girls’ Choir, together with the lower voices, and to see the girls receive their medals. The music departments of the School and Cathedral work closely together throughout the year and it is a credit to the Cathedral staff that they have been able to resume choral services with detailed risk assessments in place.’

Choral Evensong is currently taking place on Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday with the addition of the Eucharist on Sunday morning. If you would like further information about becoming a chorister please get in touch with the Director of Music – A ‘be a boy chorister for an afternoon’ event takes place on Saturday 21st November.

medals awarded to girl choristers (Full width Image)