King's Worcester

12 February

Virtual Quiz Brings School Together

This week the whole Senior School took part in a general knowledge virtual quiz. The school monitors came up with the idea so everyone in the school could take part in the same activity. Pupils had the chance to take part in the quiz on Monday morning during form and house time where the winners for each age group and the overall winner was announced in Tuesday’s assembly. 586 pupils were involved in the quiz that was designed to bring the school community together, challenge and engage pupils.

The quiz was made up of 10 multi-choice questions where each had to be answered within 30 seconds. Pupils completed the questions on a Microsoft Forms, the results were then automatically sent to Mr Ricketts, who identified the winner in each year group category and an overall winner. “It was great to see everyone get involved with this fun quiz. I’m impressed that so many knew the answer to Who was King of England in 1015?” Mr Rickkets, Senior Deputy Head and Deputy Head (Pastoral).

The content of the quiz was very varied, from sports events to Kings of England. The best answered question was ‘Who sung the song Let it Go in the movie Frozen?’ where 75% of people who took part got this correct. The worst answered question was ‘Who had the most UK Number One Singles?’ where 80% got this wrong.

“The purpose of the quiz was for everyone in the school to take part in the same activity – the potential to win a prize also created some excitement. We thought it would be a great way to lift spirits in the final assembly of half term and add some fun and something different to house time on Monday morning”. Olivia Howard, Head of School.

Virtual quiz questions

The winning Pupils were:

Lower Years: Ollie I

Middle Years: Phoebe R (OS)

Sixth Form: Amelia D (K), Dixie S (K) , Katie B (S) & Eli E (CA)

Overall Winner with 100 points was Phoebe R (OS)

Well done to the winners of the quiz and also to everybody who took part!