King's Worcester

23 October

Young Performers’ Concert

Lockdown has been challenging in so many ways and the music department has had to adjust to new and creative ways of performing. In the summer term, over 30 lunchtime videos were produced and broadcast on Facebook and Youtube. Last week we held our first live concert since the beginning of March. The Young Performers’ Concert featured pupils from L4 to UR and began with a performance from one of our newly-created year group ensembles – Orchestr8! Almost all of our regular mixed year group ensembles are unable to rehearse at present and therefore we have created some new year group orchestras and choirs instead, most of which have interesting names! The concert continued with a range of instrumental, vocal and piano performances. The audience of the Young Performers’ Concert was comprised of the performers themselves who listened appreciatively to their peers.  The programme was mostly comprised of U4 pupils but did include two debuts in the L4 from Hebe S and Molly B. The wonders of technology have enabled us to add in Molly’s performance which was recorded at home.

Members of the school community can watch the full concert through firefly by clicking here.

Here is the final performance from a thoroughly enjoyable concert of Rosie B singing ‘Johnny One Note’.

This was the third concert given by the Foundation in recent days. King’s St Alban’s used Zoom to perform a live concert with pupils at home last weekend, whilst King’s Hawford recorded many performances at school last week and edited them together into two videos which can be found here and here.  Sophie Hughes, Director of Music at Hawford writes ‘There are some wonderful performances here and it’s great to see the children from years 1 to 6 making progress with their music.  There is quite a cross-section of beginners through to more experienced players so hopefully, it will encourage other children to volunteer to be in the next informal concert. The concert is recorded in two separate films due to the high number of requests to perform.’