King's Worcester

21 March

A snowy Bronze D of E Practice Expedition in the Cotswolds

Over the weekend, around ninety pupils from the UR successfully completed their DofE Bronze Practice Expedition in the Cotswolds. Despite plummeting temperatures and significant amounts of snow, the groups did fantastically well. They completed their planned routes on Saturday, accompanied by Wild Country Consultant instructors, and then camped the night in wintery conditions that really put their teamwork skills to the test. On Sunday, the routes were modified due to the snow conditions, but the pupils acquitted themselves very well and successfully walked out to the revised pick-up points.

The expedition proved that preparation is key and when you prepare well, it is possible to enjoy the outdoors despite the challenges of the British weather. It was a great experience for the pupils and it was encouraging to see high spirits and good teamwork on display throughout the expedition. This learning experience will be invaluable, as will recognising the importance of being adaptable and responsive to challenges faced while out on expedition.

Well done to all who took part, we can now all look forward to the Assessed Expedition in June.