King's Worcester

14 May

A Long-Awaited CCF Range Weekend

Last weekend saw the long-awaited return to CCF weekend training and a chance for our Lower Remove recruits to get one step closer to completing their training and joining the Army or Royal Air Force section.

19 recruits from Alma Platoon undertook revision in Map and Compass, Drill, First Aid, Field Craft, Turn Out and Military Knowledge and learned how to handle the air rifle safely at their CCF Weekend training.

They also undertook a safety test on the air rifle and a general knowledge test drawing on all they have learned so far.

Congratulation to Fin. I who achieved the best overall score during the weekend.

The CCF contingent at King’s is made up of two sections – an Army section and an RAF section.

As well as weekly training on a Friday night, the CCF participates in field exercises and each member of the RAF section goes flying once a year during the school week and gliding on one Sunday each term.

Each year the contingent runs two camp activities in the summer holidays (Army and RAF). There are also many opportunities to attend camps and activities run externally, such as a six-week camp in Canada, adventurous training, national leadership courses, and gliding or flying scholarships.

You can read more about CCF at King’s here.