King's Worcester

5 October

Ian Murphy visits King’s as Artist in Residence

The Art department were delighted to welcome back artist Ian Murphy, who spent a week at King’s working as an artist in residence.  Primarily teaching Sixth Form students, Ian Murphy introduced them to new drawing techniques and helped them refine their observation skills.  He also enjoyed meeting two Year 6 classes from the junior school who were fascinated by his work and even had a go at producing their own drawings inspired by his work.  To coincide with his residency, he mounted an exhibition of his most recent paintings; a collection of work done during lockdown, based on his visits to China, Venice and Cambodia.  The stunning large-scale paintings proved to be a great source of inspiration for all pupils, as were the beautiful sketchbooks that travel with him throughout the world.

Ian Murphy’s residency culminated with a weekend drawing workshop in which Lower Sixth pupils produced some beautifully observed results in response to their own personal themes.  The drawings they completed will contribute to their coursework and will look most impressive in their portfolios. Chris Haywood, Head of Art, said, “working with Ian is such a valuable experience for our pupils because drawing underpins everything we do in Art.  It is also important for the students to see real work face to face, rather than just looking at it in books, so for them to be able to view his paintings in our gallery is such an important learning experience for the pupils”.

Ian’s show is the first of three exhibitions by practising artists that will take place in the Sir Terry Frost Gallery this year, in addition to pupil exhibitions that will include an Upper Sixth painting exhibition, a Year Seven exhibition that will see every pupil in the year exhibit a piece of work and the forthcoming exhibition of pupil drawing.