King's Worcester

19 November

Boat Club starts Winter Rowing Team Challenge!

The King’s School Worcester Boat Club are extremely delighted and excited to announce a new rowing team challenge initiative to help pupils with their motivation and fitness over the forthcoming weeks.  Our Boat Club Team Challenge starts on Monday 16 November and finishes on Sunday 7 February at 6.00pm.

The KSWBC Coaching Team have divided each year group between 10 Teams, each led by an Upper Sixth Team Captain(s). Pupils have been allocated a Team and their Team Captain(s) will be contacting them on Teams to introduce themselves and welcome all Team members.

The Team Challenge

  • Pupils are required to complete three core exercises and one run each week.
  • Pupils will earn points for their Team for every exercise repetition completed in 2 minutes.
  • Points will also be awarded for the timed run.
  • The KSWBC Coaching Team are aware some pupils cannot run for medical reasons, please email Mrs Bladen on for an alternate activity.
  • Pupils will submit your exercise scores using the online form which will be sent to pupils every Sunday.
  • Pupils are required to video their exercise repetitions and upload it to their Teams channel.
  • Pupils are required to time their run and upload a screenshot to your Teams channel.
  • Mrs Bladen will publish a weekly leader board online and there will be a league table in the Boathouse.


A video for each exercise can be found on Firefly by clicking this link.

  • Number of repetitions in 2 minutes:
    • Press Ups with Hand Release
    • Box Plank Knee Taps (progression from box plank)
    • Supported V Sit (progression from sit ups)
  • Timed run to be recorded using a Smartphone app:
    • Senior Squad 5k (J16, L6 and U6)
    • Removes 4k

Joker Cards

  • Team Captain(s) can play Joker Cards to win extra points.
  • One Joker card is for showing a presentation to the other teams and your Team Captain(s) will be asking for help with the presentation, via Teams.
  • The other Joker card is for skipping. Pupils will only be asked once to skip during the competition.
  • Team Captains will ask pupils to the Boathouse during lunch break to complete their skipping challenge.
  • Due to the current restrictions, skipping will take place in year group bubbles.
    • Monday LR
    • Tuesday L6
    • Wednesday FF
    • Thursday UR
    • Friday U6

The KSWBC Coaching Team will be setting up compulsory activities (ie, ergo, bike, 2 bridge run) in the Boathouse, time and dates to be confirmed and we will also carry out random spot checks of video evidence.