King's Worcester

24 June

Physics UR Mobile Project Winners

As part of the UR remote learning this term, the Physics Department set a challenge to our UR pupils to come up with a design and construction of a hanging mobile. Pupils were asked to design and construct their mobile at home around a physics theme using their knowledge of the centre of mass and moments to optimise the mobile’s equilibrium. They then sent in their entries in the form of a photo or a short video clip of the making process, highlighting the mobile’s composition and balance. The best mobiles were judged according to their construction and visual appeal and we are delighted to award-winning prizes to Will Threadgold, Grace Miller, and Fynn Chumbley. Their mobiles are shown here and they all seem to have gone with the solar system theme. Special mentions go to Maddie and Ed who made a unique design comprising of crochet jellyfish and ribbons (Ed), and loo rolls and silvery paper (Maddie). Well done winners and thank you, everyone, for participating and for your wonderful creations!