King's Worcester

13 February


1541 is a verse drama written by our own drama teacher Mrs Parry exploring some of the key events in Henry VIII’s life in the year he founded the King’s School.

The play was a promenade performance, starting in the Cathedral Cloisters, which journeyed up into Edgar Tower, back to the Cloisters, and finished in College Hall.

The entire spectacle was fantastic and it was wonderful being in such familiar spaces as they were rather paradoxically brought to life with ghosts from the past.The beautifully crafted script was in blank verse and Henry VIII’s (Olly Singleton) final monologue contained some truly moving imagery. His voice was spectacular in College Hall and you could have heard a pin drop – the audience were all utterly entranced as the queen (Charlotte Duddy) faced her fate at the looming scaffold.

The promenade worked very well – the fire outside the cathedral was a super touch and made it feel really authentic especially towards the end when the actors were kneeling praying in unison. The candles at the windows in Edgar Tower, as we were privy to the court of the women, were a nice touch too as were the actors carrying candles as we walked with them. Without fail, all the actors ensured the atmosphere was maintained throughout by staying in character as we walked and Luke Hudson and Max Davies saying lines directly to individual audience members was a lovely touch.

It was a bravura performance by Mrs Parry and her entire team. All the backstage helpers and the actors were simply faultless.