King's Worcester

26 February

AI in Medicine Talk by Senior Scholar, Liberty

Liberty gave a fascinating talk on the uses of AI in medicine to our students in the recent Enrichment Sessions. She described how AI can help in medicine with such examples as reading scans to detect abnormalities. She explained the concept of “deep learning” when AI can learn from the data it sees to get better at its task. Students were invited to think of future uses of AI in everyday life and showed their creativity with machines developing the perfect haircut!

Katie Beever, Assistant Head Pupil Development said, “Each year the senior scholar gives a talk to students on an interest of theirs. It was fascinating to hear about the uses of AI in medicine as well as how Liberty’s EPQ developed her research skills in this area.”

Max B in LR said, “I found the whole talk really engrossing and amazing! It was also really interesting to learn not just about the upsides of AI, but also the downsides to it. We had some interesting discussions about how it would impact doctors’ jobs; for example, it would help doctors with simple tasks and could help diagnose people, but it could also take jobs, making people redundant. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the talk, and I am definitely going to research further into the subject!”

Becky Y (UR) agreed, “The talk was very intriguing. I suddenly realized that AI is much more integrated into our world than I thought.”

Grace M (LR) commented, “I thought the talk was fascinating as I wasn’t aware of the importance of AI. I also didn’t realise that it is going to have such a big impact in the future. Liberty’s talk has also encouraged me to think about career paths in engineering as working with AI sounds quite interesting to me.”

The Academic Enrichment programme runs throughout the year and is designed to broaden horizons and stimulate discussion. Sessions run weekly and it is open to all pupils from LR – L6. There is a mix of speakers including staff, students and external speakers.

AI in Medicine (Full width Image)