King's Worcester

15 October

Bestselling Author Visits King’s

On Thursday (3rd October), Robin Stevens, popular author of the bestselling Murder Most Unladylike series gave a talk in the Cathedral to pupils from our year 7, King’s St Alban’s, King’s Hawford and eight other Worcestershire schools.
What a fantastic setting the atmospheric Cathedral proved to be for an author who has been obsessed since her Oxford college childhood with murder mysteries.

Why is this genre so compelling?

Robin explained that we are all curious, and murder mysteries let us get into the heart of deep dark secrets to solve puzzles, with plenty of twists and turns along the way. At the end justice is done and bad people are punished. Murder mysteries are therefore exciting but also comforting and safe. Robin’s own critically acclaimed books combine classic crime with nostalgic boarding school stories and feature the sleuthing adventures of schoolgirls Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong at Deepdean boarding school. Robin came to introduce her highly anticipated eighth book in the series Top Marks for Murder. Pupils were also thoroughly engaged by learning what makes a great detective before creating and solving a murder mystery of their own with Robin complete with setting, victim, clues, suspect and resolution.

It was wonderful to see Robin moving up and down the cathedral nave through an audience of 500 rapt faces and so many arms held aloft. The audience, many of whom were real fans of Robin, enjoyed it so much and we have had wonderful comments. We had a fantastic team of Sixth Formers (Daisy B, Tom E, Shaiyan S, Kate S, Ellen C and Alexandra M) selling books and generally being wonderfully helpful. We had queues for selling and signing filling two cloisters and everyone was very patient, not least a group of our own year 7s who waited over an hour to get their books signed but were rewarded by a few special moments with the utterly delightful Robin Stevens.

Annabel Jeffery, King’s School Librarian said: “We feel very privileged to have been able to host this fantastic and inspirational event in Worcester Cathedral and to have been able to share it with so many young people.”

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