King's Worcester

8 March

‘Books are a uniquely portable kind of magic’ (Stephen King) – World Book Day at King’s

The theme of this year’s World Book Day at King’s turned out to be the pleasures gained, adventures experienced, and lessons learned from reading real books.

To start the day, World Book Day was celebrated both in College Hall and in Fourth Form Assembly. In College Hall, Mr Maund spoke of the lessons that we can learn from books, that ‘most wonderful, flexible and portable of resources’. He examined five statements from Pliny, Bacon, Tupper, Kafka and Roosevelt in an attempt to answer ‘What is a book?’ and recommended that we all carry with us a favourite book, which can offer ‘companionship, reassurance, comfort, challenge and escape throughout our everyday lives’. You can listen to Mr Maund’s full address on the school’s SoundCloud page.

In their delightful assembly the Fourth Forms (Years 7 and 8) were greeted by the sight of L4C on stage all curled up on bean bags with a book. They were entertained by soothing music and soft lighting whilst viewing a presentation of quotes about the joys of reading, and the places, both imaginary and emotional that reading can take you to (from sources as diverse as Roald Dahl, Marcel Proust, Dr Seuss and Stephen King). The final slide asked ‘Where will reading take YOU?’ In response, each pupil jumped up to say a sentence about the book they were reading. For example ‘I’ve been travelling in time with my hamster to save my Dad!’. Mr Longley exhorted all of the children to read more, the benefits and the pleasure of reading being so worthwhile. He was particularly happy to see a quote on screen from a book which has given him enormous pleasure, and which he loves to talk about: ‘Read books. Always read books. Every time you can. It makes the world better. It is how humans merge. Empathy. Reading is love in action.’ (From The Humans by Matt Haig).

In the Long Gallery we now have a fantastic display of staff and pupils' photographs which show them reading books in adventurous or unusual places. Locations ranged from a camel’s back in Morocco, an empty stand  at Liverpool FC, underwater, and the top of the Eiffel Tower, to equally inventive domestic situations such as rooftops, in the laundry basket, on a post box, and in genuinely extremely cold gardens! Judging is going to be very difficult! Most of the photos are on the Library Twitter feed @KSWLibrary.

At Long Break, Waterstones staff trudged through the snow to set up a pop-up shop in school. They brought a fantastic range of books and sold out of some of the special edition World Book Day teen titles. Pupils enjoyed using their tokens towards their purchases and the stall was very busy.

Hopefully there are more pupils and staff walking around school this week with a book in their pocket.