King's Worcester

18 October

CCF are Flying High

It’s been a busy week for the CCF which started on Friday (11th October) night when the school gardens were transformed into a military training area as new CCF recruits were put through their paces during Exercise Basic Basha. Recruits were taught how to cook using solid fuel cookers and 24-hour ration packs before putting up improvised shelters (“bashas”) to protect them overnight. Well done to all involved.

On Wednesday 16th October, 11 cadets from the CCF (RAF section) went to RAF Cosford for the first flying day of the academic year. A break in the weather came and all 11 cadets got to fly. Most of these were students from the UR who had not taken part in a flying day before. The cadets were introduced to the basic (primary) effects of flying controls, whilst the cadets who had been before did some more advanced work which included aerobatics. Tom KD got to do a loop the loop and a stall turn as part of his flight. A very enjoyable day was had by all the cadets, and we certainly have our fingers crossed for good weather when we have our next flying day later this term.