Foundation News

17 March

CCF Army & RAF Field Training is back!

Last weekend our CCF Army and CCF RAF Junior & Senior Cadets immersed themselves in an exciting two days of training, discovery and adventure on their long-awaited annual Field Trips.

Combined Cadet Force (CCF) is an integral part of school life here at King’s. Summer Camps and Training Weekends offer pupils the opportunity to develop personal skills such as self-discipline and self-confidence, as well offering a raft of teamwork, problem-solving and leadership opportunities.

RAF Cosford Field Training

On Friday, 30 RAF cadets visited RAF Cosford.  In the morning they were given a tour of the impressive School of Technical Training and saw (and sat in) Tornado and Hawk planes up close, they were also shown the different sorts of survival equipment available and introduced to a variety of aircraft weapons systems.

After lunch in the Junior Ranks Mess, the cadets were involved in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) activities and made impressive rockets, gliders and communication towers. The cadets were required to use their problem solving and team working skills.

CCF and RAF enjoy field days 1

CCF and RAF enjoy field days 2

Pupils immerse themselves in CCF field training 3

Army Nesscliffe Training

Excitement and slight trepidation were in store for 44 of our CCF Army cadets as they visited Nesscliffe Training Area on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th March. It was a wonderful experience that allowed cadets to not only acquire new capabilities but put into practice the myriad of skills they have learnt all within the spirit of the King’s CCF community. For many this was the first time they had experienced a trip like this.

Pupils erfge

The first day of their trip consisted of patrolling into and establishing a Harbour Area, cooking rations for lunch and then conducting fieldcraft training on several areas including using Personal Role Radios (PRRs), how best to use ground cover for movement and elementary obstacle crossing, duties of a Sentry, A2 weapon handling training and section battle drills.

Meanwhile, the Senior Non-commissioned Officers (NCOs) conducted reconnaissance of the training area and then prepared orders and made models for recce patrols, a deliberate ambush and three-section attacks.


On Friday evening Senior NCO Giles H delivered recce patrol orders to the Junior NCOs who then extracted orders and prepared their respective section to carry out a night reconnaissance patrol of the enemy position.

With the intelligence from these patrols, Senior NCO Will T delivered a set of ambush orders to the Platoon and after noisy and silent rehearsals, led the platoon to the ambush site and triggered the Ambush on a passing enemy patrol.  For some cadets, this was their first opportunity using the A2 Cadet rifle with blank rounds.

Pupils immerse themselves in CCF field training 5

Following a busy day of putting skills into practice, supper involved more cooking of rations before sleeping in Bashas in the Harbour Area.

Saturday morning was an early start for the cadets, with more rations for breakfast and extra training on section battle drills, individual fire and manoeuvre and operating as a Fire Team and as a Section.

Senior NCO Jamie W  delivered Section attack orders to the Junior NCOs who in turn extracted orders and prepared their respective section through noisy and silent rehearsals to carry out Section Attacks on an enemy position.

Pupils immerse themselves in CCF training 6

Overall, it was a very successful field training exercise with both Junior and Senior Cadets completing lots of the Army Proficiency Syllabus and flourishing in the challenging activities on offer.

If you are interested in joining either the CCF or RAF more information can be found here.