King's Worcester

3 April

CCF Biennial Inspection

Combined Cadet Force contingents are formally inspected every two years to check that they are providing a good cadet experience and are compliant with MoD regulations regarding cadet forces. The school’s CCF was inspected at Nesscliff Training Camp on Friday by a party led by Colonel Kim Knutton of 11 Signals & West Midlands Brigade.

The colonel was able to speak to officers and cadets and observe several training stands including: first aid and shooting for RAF cadets; the recruit pass off parade and leadership tasks; an Army vehicle check point; mine clearance; and built-up area assault training. The report has concluded that the KSWCCF offers “an excellent and varied training environment set on developing and enhancing all the cadets.”

After the formal inspection ended, the training continued with a package of field craft and battle skill development through to Sunday lunchtime, with senior Army and RAF cadets working closely together through a number of challenging scenarios.

Despite the sometimes damp and very cold weather, the whole Contingent performed superbly, rising above tiredness and occasional discomfort to demonstrate their ability as cadets and leaders. In the words of one inspecting officer, the King’s CCF is “one of the leading lights” among CCFs in the Midlands. Officers, staff, cadet NCOs, and cadets are to be congratulated on a very successful Biennial weekend.