King's Worcester

22 March

Choral Harmony with Visiting Choir from Brittany

At the end of January it was a huge pleasure for members of the School Choir and Chamber Choir (and various staff members) to host visiting singers from the town of Sainte-Anne-d'Auray in Brittany. Our Assistant Director of Music, Christopher Allsop, met their conductor Gilles Gérard while in France on study leave a few years back, and their visit here is the beginning of what will become a reciprocal choral exchange programme. The singers attend a school not unlike ours, which provides the education for the choristers (boys and girls up to the age of eighteen) in the adjoining Basilica. Our guests sang Evensong in Worcester Cathedral, attended a variety of lessons in school, and joined with our school choirs in a magnificent concert on the final evening, which you can hear on our music department's Soundcloud page. A huge success socially and musically, we're in the process of arranging the return visit!

Watch a joint performance of Geistliches Lied by Johannes Brahms below.