King's Worcester

15 November

‘Economics In Action’ For Upper Sixth Economists

Earlier this week, a group of Upper Sixth Economists enjoyed a day out at Warwick University attending an ‘Economics in Action’ conference. The conference is specifically aimed at Sixth Form Economics students and covers topics that are relevant to the A Level specification, whilst at the same time discussing current (and future) economic issues.

The students listened to a series of talks on a range of topics including, “Is the UK economy really growing?” and “Applying behavioural economics to policy and social problems” before being treated to an engaging and lively presentation on financial market crashes by popular broadcaster and former University Challenge contestant, Bobby Seagull.

“All students have commented on how much they thoroughly enjoyed the conference and how it has helped them to ‘bring alive’ some of the economic theories they have been studying.  It has also highlighted some of the fields in which economists work, as well as also giving our students a small glimpse of what life could be like at university,” Elaine Friend, Head of Economics and Business.