King's Worcester

28 March

Fifth Form GCSE Geography Workshop

A good exam ought to test what a candidate can do rather than what they can’t. Even with plenty of revision, though, there is always an anxious moment before an exam thinking what might or might not be included on the paper. So, what if pupils were able to see the paper before sitting the exam? Well, this is nearly what happens in Geography Paper 3 GCSE. Last week 86 Fifth formers attended a morning workshop run by the Geography Department in the Vigornian Room.

There they were issued “pre-release” resources that will appear in their GCSE exam in June.  Pupils became familiar with the real-life issue of whether a reservoir should be built near Abingdon, Oxfordshire to cope with increasing water demands in the south-east.  As well as developing a fuller understanding of the water topic, pupils became familiar with the resources and identified likely exam questions. Towards the end, they put their acquired skills of analysis into action by making a coherent argument in favour or against the proposed development.