King's Worcester

12 March

GCSE Drama Pupils Dazzle in Practical Exams

There were high spirits at Wednesday afternoon’s performances by the FF GCSE Drama groups. The audiences were friends and family, invited to celebrate what marked the end of the practical assessments for the Drama GCSE. The written examination looms but for now the focus was firmly on the process of creating live theatre and shaping it with the needs of an audience in mind.

The audience in the Wightman Studio was treated to a selection of extracts from three different plays – “My Mother Said I Never Should” by Charlotte Keatley, Abi Morgan’s “Lovesong” and “God’s Official” by Robert Farquhar. The Farquhar piece ‘kicked off’ proceedings as the audience was treated to the comic sight of two deluded football fans holding the referee hostage after their beloved team’s loss doomed them to relegation!

The other GCSE Drama extracts were much more poignant in tone. “My Mother Said…” explores the multi-generational relationships between four women and their experiences of love and loss whilst “Lovesong” paints a picture of one relationship through the decades with two separate pairs of actors playing a couple at the young and old stages of their life together.

The ending of the Drama pieces may have been bittersweet but the performers’ pride in what they had shared and the audience’s pride in and appreciation of having been part of this final celebration were truly uplifting.

The after-school event came off the back of a day of assessed performances. What the audience witnessed was just a snapshot of the work that had been undertaken, with every candidate having to perform two separate extracts from their chosen play in front of a visiting examiner – a lengthy and nerve-wracking process. Every single candidate genuinely did themselves proud. For some, this may mark their final performance opportunity at King’s but, for all, it is another milestone on the most wonderful creative journey that will continue in some form for many years to come.

Well done to all involved!