King's Worcester

17 November

Jamie designs Ventilator Equipment 

Jamie Waters, L6 Chappel, has recently been part of a team designing a new piece of ventilator equipment to help the fight against Covid-19. Jamie, who has long been interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)is part of a team designing a ‘ventilator splitter’ whereby health services will have the ability to help up to four patients while using one ventilator. This piece of equipment will be invaluable and aid hospitals all across the world due to the high demand for ventilators needed at this time.  

Jamie began designing products two years ago, starting with keyrings, vases and games. He then started developing a pill dispenser and has now progressed onto this new piece of ventilator equipment. During the first lockdown, Jamie was looking for a project. Instead of looking at making ventilators (which were more complex to get approved in such a short space of time), Jamie had seen people printing parts for ventilators using 3D printers, giving him the idea to pitch his ventilator splitter online.  

Finding an online forum, our L6 student pitched his idea and became involved with creating and heading up the entire UK volunteer operation for the ventilator splitter project, known as Project Tetra. Impressively, Jamie is now co-designing the ventilator splitter with a team of engineers and scientists from Britain and America.  

Being part of a 3D crowd (a community of 3D printers solving problems), Jamie’s team has helped with the prototype to find out if it was something governments of different countries could use. The long term plan for the ventilator splitter is to pitch it to developing countries, many of which have a severe lack of ventilators and need as many ventilators as possible. In this emergency, many countries are still facing significant challenges with the pandemic, or for longer-term use in communities that have ongoing ventilator capacity shortages.  

It’s fantastic that Jamie has chosen to use his skills to help other people in such a crucial time.  Well done, Jamie!