King's Worcester

21 June

King’s Mathematicians Race to Seventh Position Globally

This Wednesday saw the Global Final of the Maths in Motion competition in which each team must prepare a virtual car and calculate the optimum settings for a race. Henny and Jamie had just ninety minutes to prepare their car for the designated track: Circuit Paul Ricard. The virtual weather conditions began dry followed by driving rain and ending with sunny conditions.

The team got off to a strong start by securing a grid position of sixth out of a total of twenty-eight schools in the final race. They held their position well, dropping back only during pit stops and periods of wetter weather. Careful tyre selection ensured they matched the weather conditions with their chosen tyres and enabled them to work their way back up the field. Given that a number of other schools miscalculated and did not finish, Henny and Jamie should be very proud of their finishing position of seventh in the world!

This year, around one hundred thousand pupils from thirteen countries initially registered to compete in the challenge, so Henny and Jamie's achievement, along with that of other pupils from the Kings' team, is certainly worthy of celebration!

Mr Heydon and Mr Lewis struggled to match their form last year, when they achieved an astonishing podium place in the teachers’ race. After rushed preparations, they could only manage a fifteenth position finish. As they tell their classes – more effort required!