King's Worcester

15 October

King’s Win Outstanding Delegation at Model United Nations Conference

Fourteen students (LR to U6) accompanied by 2 staff had a very successful weekend at the 2019 Model United Nations conference hosted by Cheadle Hulme School (CHS). The team came home with a long list of prizes including the much-coveted title of Outstanding Delegation of MUNCH 19.

The annual conference is one of the few opportunities for truly independent study, and for students to gain vital skills for their future. Students learn about countries around the world, and acquire the ability to state an idea clearly, and build consensus to achieve solutions to the global problems that will affect the students in later life. In addition to this, MUNCH provides the opportunity to meet people from all over the UK in a very welcoming environment, which has grown from a local one-day event to a national two day conference, with a very high standard of debate and opportunities for delegates of all levels of experience.

King’s had two delegations within the competition, UK and India, and enjoyed competing with around 20 other schools, including a school from Madrid. The students participated in two days of debates in committees discussing global issues such as the issue of Venezuela, drones, foreign interference in political campaigns, the right of adequate care in childbirth, risks of offshore bank accounts in money laundering, period poverty, IS brides wanting to return to the UK and climate change migration. The two days culminated in a General Assembly and a Human Rights Council which debated a global crisis.

The prize list
Both teams did exceptionally well, with a prize list as follows:
UK delegation
Outstanding Delegation of MUNCH 19 (first time for KSW!)
Highly Commended in crisis in General Assembly and Human Rights Council
Best Notepaper
Charlie M won Best Delegate in Security Council
Zoe K won Best Delegate in Human Rights Council
Theo O won Best Delegate in DISEC
George C got Highly Commended in the Political Committee
Annie D was Highly Commended in the Health Committee
Calum M was Commended in the Human Rights Committee
Will Hunt was Commended in the SpecME
The India delegation:
Will L was Commended in DISEC
The Teams
Both teams did exceptionally well so we would like to extend our congratulations to all involved.
The UK Delegation:
Ambassador and on Disarmament and Security Committee: Theo Os (U6)
Security Council: Charlie M (U6)
Human Rights Council: Zoe K (U6)
Health Committee: Annie D (U6)
Human Rights Committee: Calum M (U6)
Political Committee: George C (UR)
Special Committee on the Middle East: William H (L6)

The India Delegation:
Ambassador and on Disarmament and Security Committee: William L (U6)
Human Rights Council: Benji H (U6)
Economic and Finance Committee: William P (LR)
Health Committee: Julia H (U6)
Human Rights Committee: Rebecca D (L6)
Political Committee: Salvador K (UR)
Youth Committee: John D (FF)