King's Worcester

3 May

Maths Challenge

The Kangaroo round of the Intermediate Maths Challenge was held in March and a number of our pupils had qualified. There were two levels of entry, the Grey Kangaroo for pupils in the Lower Remove and the Pink Kangaroo for pupils in the Upper Remove or Fifth Form. This is a qualification event, following on from the Intermediate Maths Challenge, and is similar in style but much harder. The results were outstanding with eight Merits being awarded. These went to Dan Duke, Cerys Osborn, Louisa De Vos, Luke Beever (all LR) and Mark Salkeld, Liberty Colebourne, Joe Amos and Ellen Driver from the Fifth Form. Dan and Mark should be congratulated for getting the highest score in School in their respective Kangaroos. Well done to all involved.

Last Friday a team of four mathematicians took part in the regional round of the Junior Maths Team Challenge at Earl Mortimer College, Leominster. The team consisted of Becky Ye and Henry Halford (both Upper Fourth) and Jamie Elsdon and Cerys Osborn (both Lower Remove). The team took part in four rounds of competitions involving a group round, a cross-number, a shuttle race and a team relay. The team from King’s came a commendable second, narrowly missing out on a trip to London for the national final. All four worked well together and, having had a taste of it this year, Becky and Henry can look forward to competing again next year as the senior pair.