King's Worcester

10 November

The King’s School celebrates excellent ISI Inspection Report

Following a recent visit by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), the inspection of the King’s Foundation has now been published and the three schools have achieved the highest possible ratings in all areas.

There were two parts to the inspection, focused compliance and educational quality. King’s passed the focused compliance section with flying colours and achieved a rating of ‘excellent’ for both the achievement of pupils, including academic achievement, and their personal development.

There were some very pleasing judgements in the report, which included the following:

  • Pupils achieve highly in both academic and extra-curricular areas and especially so in art, drama, music, and sport
  • Pupils show great pride in their school, support one another’s learning and are eager to celebrate each other’s achievements in and beyond the classroom
  • Pupils are highly confident and self-assured members of the school community
  • Pupils exhibit a very high level of mutual respect and tolerance, enabling strong relationships to flourish

Proud Headmaster Matthew Armstrong remarked: ‘I am delighted that the hard work of pupils, teachers, parents and the wider school community has been acknowledged in the glowing ISI Report across the King’s Foundation.

Our long-term aim is that our boys and girls should be thoroughly prepared for the challenges that lie ahead, both at university and beyond; we want our pupils to leave us as confident, fulfilled and unselfish adults ready to play their part in the world.

We are looking forward to continuing to build on this positive feedback from the ISI. The King’s School is committed to providing our pupils with an exemplary all-round education, instilling in our children life-long learning skills in addition to excellent academic, sporting and creative achievements.’

The full report is available here, on our website.