King's Worcester

15 June

The King’s School Governors’ Essay Prize 2018 Launches

The King’s School Governors’ Essay Prize was launched to the current Lower Sixth this morning by Academic Deputy Head Mr King and Governor Mr Walker.

The Governors’ Essay Prize is an award for pupils at the Senior and Junior schools in The King’s School Foundation. The Prize has been established to:

  • Support the school’s development of learning enrichment for stretching pupils
  • Offer a new way for Governors to engage directly with pupils’ learning
  • Create an opportunity for pupils to write outside of any subject specific boundary

A group of four Governors have formed a prize committee. They will review the submitted work and choose a single winner and a runner up in each school. The prizes are £100 for the winner and £50 for the runner up.

In the Senior School the competition is aimed at pupils moving from the Lower Sixth into the Upper Sixth. Pupils are offered three essay titles to choose from which are intended not to map directly onto other curriculum subjects. This year the senior school titles are:

  • 'Democracy is an ass'. Discuss.
  • How can charities ensure that they do not encourage a climate of dependency in poverty-stricken communities?
  • Technology will inevitably mean we will need fewer professionals (e.g. teachers, doctors and lawyers) in the future. Discuss.

Pupils have until the 14th September 2018 to submit the essay. The essay must be no longer than one thousand five hundred words.