King's Worcester

21 January

Top Scores in the British Physics Olympiad

King’s Upper Sixth Physics students competed in the British Physics Olympiad during November, alongside 2,300 students from 393 schools from across the UK, a few schools overseas and a further 2,100 students from China.

The aim of the British Physics Olympiad is to challenge a range of student knowledge, preparation and ability, allowing access for good students, whilst also aiming at stretching and challenging the top young physicists in the country in a national competition.

The competition entailed sitting two papers of 1 hour 20 minutes in length, consisting of a set of short answers and several long answer thematic questions, requiring the students to solve problems, hence the time allocation. The first paper consisted of 30+ questions each worth between 2-7 marks and a maximum of 50 marks were up for offer. The second paper was much more advanced and consisted of 4 possible questions, each with 20 plus parts, only answering 2 of such. These questions were much more advanced than A-Level style questions.

Two of King’s students achieved Bronze, Alex L and Louisa DV, with Jamie E achieving gold. A special congratulations go to Luke B for achieving a Top Gold. Out of the 2,300 students 400 achieved Bronze, 220 Gold and 170 achieved Top Gold.

Luke B, comments “It was very mentally tiring to keep progressing through the questions. It really tested your ability to receive new information and then to try and use this in the context of a questions. I am extremely delighted with how I did. To achieve such a high award is a great success and something that I am very proud of. It has helped my A-level Physics a lot by helping me see the topics in a different light, but also helped my understanding of these topics.”

Congratulations to all those involved!