Foundation News

10 August

King’s Sixth Form Students Celebrate A Level Results!

King’s celebrated today as its Upper Sixth pupils were justly rewarded after a two years of A Level study, with 84% of pupils achieving their first choice University place.

The outgoing Head of School, Olivia, who received her results whilst in quarantine in Hong Kong preparing for her GAP year as a teacher, said ‘I know that my peers and I couldn’t have studied harder for our exams, and the support and guidance we have been given from our teachers has been second to none. I feel incredibly lucky to have had such a smooth process amongst the chaotic year and it meant all my focus could go towards working hard for exams or preparing for end of term events.

‘King’s is such a special school. It ensures its pupils fulfil their academic potential while providing an environment for students to flourish socially and become well-rounded individuals. King’s has given me the platform to get a job abroad this year, and the confidence to push myself out of my comfort zone. Having left for my Gap Year three weeks ago, I feel incredibly lucky that school has given me wonderful friends who made goodbyes difficult, but who I know, along with the school, will always be a part of my life. I could not be more thankful to my parents and teachers for my King’s education.’

The Headmaster of King’s, Gareth Doodes, explained ‘It has been an extremely successful day for King’s, and we are so proud of the achievements of our U6 pupils who are without doubt the finest group of kind and ambitious people one could meet. They have faced two years of disrupted study with determination and chutzpah, embracing new ways of learning whilst at the same time providing inspiring leadership to other year groups.

Despite the peaks and troughs of last year, which encompassed the bright days of last September and the dark days of January, they have managed their studies with maturity and resilience. It is impossible to let this moment of celebration pass without reflecting upon the quite exceptional work of the teachers at King’s. They have gone above and beyond in providing extra help, tuition, and support. I am beyond proud of the entire community.”

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