King's Worcester

15 June

Student Leadership Profile – Bobby Riddell

Lower Sixth student Bobby Riddell has recently been appointed as a School Monitor for 2022 – 2023. Bobby is a well-rounded student, and plays a key role in the Charity Committee. Ahead of this year’s Fort Royal Garden Party, he writes:

Being a part of the Charity Committee this year has been a fantastic learning opportunity for me, as well as being greatly enjoyable. It has helped to cultivate organisational and logistical skills, and provided leadership opportunities for all involved.

A wide variety of events, ranging from the more creative Valentine’s day deliveries to the huge team organisational efforts of Ukraine day and the Senior Citizens’ present collection, allowed everyone to excel and be challenged according to their individual strengths, whilst giving back to the community as best we can.

The unfailing drive and commitment of Mrs Yates, Mrs Fellows and Mrs Walmsley to charity creates an environment in which everyone on the Committee’s ideas are listened to and incorporated, and I have loved getting involved as much as possible.

The highlight of this year for me was the planning of Ukraine Day, in which the committee split into groups and each took charge of one aspect of the event. This meant that everyone stepped up and took responsibility for their roles to help put together a fantastic event in support of the Ukraine crisis.

Another key event in the Calendar is the annual Fort Royal summer party, where the whole Lower Sixth are involved in organising a fun and inclusive day for the children at a local primary special school. This is especially important as it embodies the Committee’s ethos of helping the local community, and the members of the team have done a brilliant job in coordinating the efforts of their respective House groups to create what will hopefully be a lovely and memorable day for the children at Fort Royal.

Overall, being a member of the Charity Committee has been a great experience for me and I look forward to contributing to many more events in the future.

There are many leadership opportunities available to our Sixth Formers; our Upper Sixth. Monitors, Heads of House, Captains and Scholars all have a vital role to play especially within our school community.