Foundation News

6 May

King’s Worcester Monitors Announced for 2022-2023 Academic Year

The Headmaster, Mr Doodes was delighted to this week to appoint the new School Monitors for the 2022 – 2023 academic year.

The role of School Monitor is a prestigious one here at King’s and one in which students can really show their most positive attributes.

School Monitors 22/23

The following pupils will be our 2021-2022 School Monitors:

Ben Beedie (Br)

George Capell (Br)

Amy Hughes (Br)

Purdy Newson-Tonks (Br)

Liam Radford (Br)

David Wills (Br)

Hannah Blackwell (Ca)

Louie Bradley (Ca)

Grace Miller (Ca)

Laurie Checkley (Cl)

Bobby Riddell (Cr)

Henry Halford (K)

Katie Perry (K)

Shri Raajkumar (K)

Amy Ranasinghe (K)

Millie English (Os)

Lucy Short (Os)

Rafay Siddiqui (Os)

Abby Trow (Os)

Sophie Pitts (S)

Becky Ye (S)

Lucy Allsop (W)

Mary Head (W)

Rosie Stanley (W)

Monitors are responsible for upholding the rules and expectations of our School. Monitors are chosen through an interview process, an advisory vote, and after conversations with staff and members of the House.

Students receive training both during the Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth, are given the opportunity to explore and discuss their roles and responsibilities and a chance to develop their understanding of different styles of leadership. This also includes practical activities, where they learn how to manage teams and start to understand their strengths and weaknesses as a leader and their own individual style. You can read about last year’s monitor training day here.

The new Lower Sixth Monitors shadow the current Upper Sixth Monitors during the Summer term, before taking over the duties when the Upper Sixth leave. They will then continue to perform the duties and roles of Monitors throughout their Upper Sixth year.

Meet the 2022-2023 Heads of House.